Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cupcake Pops :0)~

So I decided to make the famous Cupcake Pops from Bakerella.com.  I made them during the Easter weekend.  They were super easy to make but did take some time. I think my were much thicker and bigger than Bakerella's.  For next time I will make them smaller.  LOL  I used Wilton White and Chocolate Bark and homemade Cream Cheese frosting from when I made the Carrot cake.  See Previous Blog.  I made three Carrot cakes for Easter so it worked out! 
I used various different sprinkles to coincide for the Easter Holiday!  I love Sprinkles. <3 Don't You?  :)

They made great treats for the kiddies and adults love them as well.  Tell me what you think?  Have you tried them yet?

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