Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carrot Cake...OMGGGGG!

Amazing Carrot Cake!
I highly recommend that you make this cake ASAP!!!!  Okay so I saw this cake on the following blog:  Lovin' From the Oven.  She raved about the cake sooooo much that I decided to make it.  Let me tell you, this cake is AMAZING!  I have made Carrot Cake before but this one was so moist, sooooo good, so not too sweet, not too overpowering but OMG!  All I can say is OMG! 

So here's what I did.  I used fresh carrots for this.  I am guessing that you can use the carrots that come already shredded but I highly recommend shredding them yourself.    I bought a bag of carrots and just started shredding the old fashioned way with a grater.  I am sure there is a easier way but this is how my mom, grandmother, get the picture did it and it brought back soooo many memories of when I helped my grandmother and mother cook.  I love memories! 

So After this I mixed everything up.... and it looks like this...and oh yeah,  I used the wooden spoon as per the recipe.
So after the mixing is done....ready to bake.  I used two 9 inch pans. 
30-40 Mins later.....TA-DA!  Oh and did I mention that it smells sooooo good! 

And after you put the frosting on the may look like this..YUMMY!

I love it!  My new favorite recipe!

OMG, Almost forgot to include the recipe:

Carrot Cake
•1 cup vegetable oil
•1/2 cup water
•2 cups AP flour
•2 tsp baking soda
•2 tsp baking powder
•2 tsp cinnamon
•3 cups shredded carrot
•1 cup chopped walnuts
•4 eggs
•2 cups sugar

Mix all ingredients well with a wooden spoon. Pour into desired pan and bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes (more or less depending on pan size) until a toothpick comes out clean.

For the cream cheese frosting:
•8 oz cream cheese (only use Philadelphia brand!)
•1 cup powdered sugar
•2 tsp vanilla
•1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
•few drops of water
Beat all ingredients well and spread on top of cooled cake.

Thanks for checking it out!  Feel free to ask me anything or leave me comments! 

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