Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 1st Sweet & Treat of the Year!

Cake #1

I am so happy 2011 is here, aren't you?  2010 was such a terrible year for me so I couldn't wait for it to come to an end...LOL

Well one thing that I want to change is my procrastination because this was the most stressful day for me and its all on account that damn procrastination of mine.  I did two cakes but I waited until the afternoon to do them (PROCRASTINATION) and I forgot to get marscarpone cheese and had to go to Publix.  And not every Publix sells marscapone cheese so I had to drive to two Publix's.  The worst is that I have to make an appearance to two places this day.  My husband's family at 6pm for dinner and mine at 9pm for a second dinner till the New Years. (My in-laws go to bed early...don't ask!)  I KNOW...crazzzzzyyyy! So I made two cakes. So thank GOD this was a box cake recipe.    It really made things easier but the frosting of the cakes.  Oh boy!

So by the time I finally got a break, I had to get ready.  It was pure chaos! When I was finished getting ready, my husband was hurrying me up and I don't even know how I decorated the cakes.  You know that cakes take time to decorate but with the rushing  & my husband's complaining that we are gonna be late...the cakes were decorated OK.  Not great...OK.  Which killed me because I am such a perfectionist and I wanted to scream.  So you tell me how you like the New Years Cake.  :0)~  And then when we drove to my sister in law's, my hubby's driving was making me nervous and I swore the cake wouldn't make it in one piece.  But it did!!!!  Cake #1 was for my sister in law's party and made it A-OK.  HAHAHA!  The 2011 numbers and decorations were made with Gumpaste and Fondant.  This I did the day before which I think knowing that I didn't have to make this the day of, made be a little lazy to start baking.  NOT GOOD!

Cake #2

So this is is the same recipe as the cupcakes I made for Christmas.  Everyone loved the cupcakes so I made the cake.   So see my previous post for the recipe or click here -----> Tiramisu Layer Cake

In the end, everything came out GREAT!  At least the cake tasted AWESOME! 

Well I hope everyone has the BEST YEAR ever!  Please feel free to ask me questions or comment!  XOXO!